Policy for Buyers

If you buy anything within the network, you agree to this policy in its entirety. you agree to abide by its contents with no reservations. by using the shareziez network or services or interacting with it, you agree to this policy, and also agree to read all of our policies (including this buyers policy), agreements, terms & conditions and treat them as one policy system split into sections. we have divided them into sections for better understanding and ease of reading for our valued members.

Part 1) The rules for buying on Shareziez

If you know the rules for buying items, products, and services on the Shareziez network, you are less likely to run into issues with the seller, later down the line. It will also help you if disputes are opened by you or against you. If you've followed the rules, you will more than likely come out of a dispute looking better than if you hadn't. Please check back here on a regular basis for any amendments. Any changes to this policy will be made public knowledge via social media or email. As a buyer, you will not be able to claim you “did not know” in any disputes that may arise..

Part 2) Shareziez Policies. Why are they so important?

Shareziez policies are important because they:
Reduce the risks to the Buyers and Sellers on the network.
Promote and support the laws, regulations, and the agencies that control them.
Promote and provide equal opportunities to all members of the network.
Promote and protect Intellectual Property Rights & Copyrights.
Make Shareziez an enjoyable, fun & safe network for all.
Promote & support the core values and mottos of Shareziez.
Steer sellers in the right direction of how to go about listing an item and the guidelines Shareziez set out.
Promote excellent selling & business practices.
Encourage Buyers & Sellers to protect themselves.
Protect your Privacy and give you as much of it as you require.

Part 3) Good listing practices you can expect as a Buyer

For the best, most satisfying and fun experience as a buyer on Shareziez, sellers are required to abide by these general rules when they list an item for sale:

They must always give a clear, honest, accurate, informative and non-misleading description of the item(s), product(s) or service(s) they are selling. (This practice is policy for all parts of the listing process, and you should expect it within each and every listing published network wide.) They should select the best category and subcategory for the item for sale. (If the seller is having difficulty choosing a category or subcategory, they will choose the closest match available and then give you more information in their description.) They should not spam your search. HTML & JavaScript is not allowed. Any attempt by a seller to manipulate your searching, browsing, bidding or buying experience within the Shareziez network should be reported to Shareziez. When a vendor gives their terms & conditions, they should not be from a video or image (of any format), or in contradiction with Shareziez Terms of Service Agreement, Policies or Privacy Policy. They must be in a clear, readable and non-misleading text. A seller should NOT redirect you to another website, nor domain name to their Terms & Conditions they must be within the listing and hosted on Shareziez servers. Profanity & pornography within any part of the listing process is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. NOTE: A LIFETIME BAN will meet the member that posts pornography within any part of the network. There is NO RECOURSE for the banned member. We have members from 13years old and upwards. If you want to Buy on Shareziez you agree to help protect our younger members from this type of content. If the buyer has not sent a payment within 24 hours starting from the point at which the auction ended, the “buyout” button clicked, or a product or service sale has been "initiated". The seller has the right to withdraw from the transaction and report this as a “not paid” sale to Shareziez. The time allowance of 24 hours remains at the sellers discretion. The seller cannot refuse the sale of an item once the buyer has won the auction or clicked the “buyout” button unless the “not paid” time allowance has elapsed. The listing will not close until the member that listed the item closes it manually or the quantity of the sellers inventory reaches zero. This system is for the benefit of the author of the listing, for example: If a member buys the item listed, but does not pay - the author of the listing can just report the buyer 24 hours after the auction ends or the "buyout" button got clicked.

What if it’s the last one?

In the case of two buyers clicking the “buyout” at the same time or just after one another, the item/product will be sold to the first buyer who pays. If there is zero quantity left, the listing must be closed immediately without delay if it has not done so automatically. We know that this is an opportunity for scams to try and break the system, but it is impossible for scammers to break this system if members stick to the policy. Any member that attempts to defraud the system on any part of the network will be banned permanently from the network and reported to their country of residence authorities for fraud.

Part 4: Profile policy

Please read this carefully as it applies to any and all members of any part of the network or service. ANY PROMOTION OR SALE OF ITEMS LISTED ON OUR PROHIBITED ITEMS POLICY WILL BE MET WITH SWIFT ACTION. YOU WILL BE BANNED AND IN SOME CASES DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION BE REPORTED TO YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE AUTHORITIES. It is your responsibility to acknowledge and adhere to laws including, but not limited to local (domestic), national, state and international law(s). Shareziez takes no responsibility for any member that breaks any law worldwide. Shareziez will, in some cases, assist any and all law enforcement agencies with any investigation and prosecution of any and all law breakers.

The following is a list of the banned and prohibited items that CANNOT be sold or “given away” in any manner within any area or platform of the Shareziez network/website:

ANY unlawful, criminal, illicit, illegal or corrupt activity within the Shareziez network

ANY bullying, harassment, threats, intimidation, oppression, trolling, victimisation, peer pressure, discriminating, abusive or terrorising behaviour.

ANY content that incites, facilitates or encourages ostracism, racism, violence (graphic or gratuitous), nudity, pornographic or hate/hatefulness.

ANY misleading, malicious, truth bending, lies, rights breaching, scams, spamming or fake items for sale or worldwide artificial content network wide.

  ANY collection of users content or information for any reason and by any means.

  ANY pyramid schemes, scams, fraud, extortion, cons, fiddles, deceit, tricks, and cheats.

ANY person or groups attempting to upload viruses or “bad”/malicious code (You agree to report.)

ANY creation of “fake” accounts, “shill” bidding/account(s) or creation of an account for other people without their prior consent or multiple accounts per user nor the creation of another account if a member is already banned.

ANY exploitation of our younger users. NOTE: Nobody under the age of 13 is allowed to have an account with Shareziez.

ANY convicted sex offenders are not allowed on our network, and you agree to report any found.

Firearms - including Airsoft and paintball related guns, weapons, Knives (Our policy supports and reflects Domestic and International laws.)

Drugs, drug paraphernalia and drug-related products, such as "bongs", legal highs, needles and any other related items that a person could use for drug use or abuse.

Fire extinguishers, radioactive materials or flammable gases.

Lock picking devices or locksmith products and devices.

Medication, medicines and drugs that require a doctor to administer or prescribe.

The glorification of violence, hatred, racism, sexual, religious intolerance or organisation(s) that adopt such views. E.g., Disasters, human tragedies, products or items related to violent and convicted criminals.

Nazi or Nazi related items of any kind, shape or form ARE BANNED any member found to have uploaded or attempting to sell any Nazi, or Nazi-related content or items WILL BE BANNED WITH NO RECOURSE.

Proscribed Organisations under any global, UK OR IE law, including hate groups.

Law enforcement badges or identification.

Uniforms, military items, clothing, identity information and cards, decorations, awards, flags, unless they are promotional items of Red Cross or Red Crescent organisations and which contain the Red Cross or Red Crescent emblem.

Stolen property (this violates Domestic and Internation laws). Shareziez will assist any and all domestic and international authorities/law enforcement agencies with the investigation and prosecution of any member(s) who attempts to sell stolen property.

Listing of names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses or other personal information including but not limited to national insurance numbers and social security numbers.

Any and all literature, DVD’s, books, files that promote, teach, encourage, support, condone, give access to or showcase any form of illegal activity what-so-ever.

False identities nor any other government produced identification of any kind including but not limited to driving licenses and passports.

Embargoed goods: Please acknowledge your countries laws concerning this, Shareziez takes no responsibility or liability of any user that breaks domestic or international laws. It is your duty to abide and adhere to your countries domestic, state, and International laws.

Human Trafficking, Smuggling and Slavery; attempt to take part in or condone this and we will act. Shareziez does NOT CONDONE it and fully supports global laws. (Do not try to sell your children, even as a joke. It is not funny, and you will be banned)

Body. parts including but NOT limited to:
Bodily fluids.
Skeletal, including Skulls.
Prayer skulls. (Including ritual)
Toes, toenails, fingers, and fingernail clippings.
Bodily waste.
Food. (Anything edible)
Solicited or sexual nature services.
Grave related items that are protected under national laws and government bodies.
Ouija Boards. (Check the Laws of your residing country)
Items that potentially infringe or may be in violation of particular Copyrights, Trademarks, or Intellectual Property Rights.
Any copied, infringed, bootlegged, reduplicated, counterfeit, unauthorised and copy written products or items.

Shareziez reserves the right to amend and add items to the prohibited list at its discretion. Members will receive notification in agreement with Part 1 of this policy.

Part 5: Shill Bidding

During the auction and sale process, it is possible for you as a buyer to bid on items that your friends, family, associates or contacts have put up for auction. However, if any member is found to have bid on or have a consistent flow of friends and family bidding on sellers items with no intent to buy, you the “shill” bidder and the seller will face restrictions on who you may sell your items to or purchase from. Shareziez will take action against those who think they can get away with this kind of behaviour without any ramifications. In extreme cases, you will be referred to law enforcement. You could have your selling, and buying abilities withdrawn, and once they are removed from your profile, you will not get them back. Please note that there have been successful convictions on shill bidders in the UK.

Part 6: Interference with transactions

Members, Users, Buyers and Sellers of the network may not “get involved” nor “interfere” with other members transactions or sale processes before, during nor after the entire process. This relationship is between the buyer and the seller exclusively. No member that is not the buyer or seller may post any data, content, status, or review of a seller/trader or buyer/customer. Equally, no member(s) can “bad mouth”, "slander", or “warn” any other member via any means about a “bad” seller or buyer for any reason other than if that member is the actual buyer or seller. Additionally, any buyer or seller must only give a review of a seller or buyer via the “review” section. Shareziez will only ever start an intervention process if relations between the purchaser and seller break down and are at a “deadlock”.

Part 7: Standards expected of Buyers & "bidding for fun"

Buyers are expected to treat a seller/vendor on the network how they wish to get treated themselves. We believe this to be the only way for communications between buyer and seller to be smooth and consistent. By this policy, and by using the network, you agree you will not abuse a seller/vendor in any way what-so-ever because you “don’t mind being abused yourself.” Shareziez does not condone this kind of behaviour and by this policy assumes that all members agree that they wish to be treated with respect and in a non-abusive way. If you have or would take up an issue with a seller - give them a chance to rectify the situation before taking any further steps, they will usually be more than willing to correct the problem than have it escalated to Shareziez Intervention. If an issue needs intervention from Shareziez, we will look at all aspects of the case on a case-by-case basis. We will look at the facts, proof, communications and many other aspects before we make a decision on a case. If you click “buyout” button, or “bid” in an auction or listing this is classed as you signing a digital contract with the seller to follow through and pay for the item. If you bid and win, you buy. Once you have won or clicked the “buy out” button, you must pay immediately. You will be given 24 hours to complete the purchase of a auctioned item(s). If 24 hours has elapsed and you have not completed the purchase, the seller may contact us and ask for a “did not pay” mark against your profile. Shareziez will NOT tolerate members bidding on items for “fun” or “shilling”. It is in direct contradiction, and breach of our policy. Swift action will be taken against those that choose to do this. Shareziez works on a “traffic light” system that will display if a buyer has been reprimanded for any reason, but other members will not see this. If you receive a mark against you we will then be monitoring you for as long as we deem it necessary and if you receive any further marks, we will place restrictions on your account. Once a member has a black light on their profile they will lose the ability to bid on or buy anything within the network. This policy applies to all parts of the Shareziez network. Buyers are expected to be helpful, friendly and courteous at all times, but if something goes wrong during a transaction and relations break down, you can contact us.

Part 8: Rules about buying, bidding, paying and the aftermath

Always read the full details of a listing including the Terms & Conditions.
Do not just “buyout” or “bid” on the item without reading the description. Shareziez will not help a buyer get their money back because they “didn’t read” or “didn’t know” or "didn't understand" the details. If you are unsure, contact the seller/vendor.
Make sure the seller is selling in your country of residence if you do not wish to pay import fees (See Postage & Packaging in Part 15 of this policy.)
Do not buy or bid until you know what the postage and packaging policy of the sellers item or product is.
Bid on an item that you have full intentions to buy. Bidding for “fun” is anything but for the seller. It is strictly forbidden and has serious consequences. When you bid, you buy - it’s as simple as that.
Do not bid or buy if you do not have the funds available in your account.
Check, RECHECK and CHECK AGAIN when you are about to place a bid, because once you have offered a price, you cannot retract it. You will be bound by digital contract to pay that amount with no exceptions.
DO NOT bid in haste or spur of the moment if you find an item you want but it only has moments left before the Auction ends. Haste makes mistakes, and you will pay the amount you bid or offer. You may well be bidding on something that is not what you wanted. Once again - You will buy the product if you win or face restrictions. We state in this policy that we are not as lenient as some other Auction websites.

Bidding on two of the same item is allowed. You must read the description of each one thoroughly and then choose one to bid on. Bidding on two items at once is fine, but BEWARE! You may end up buying both of them.
When you see two of the same item on different listings, do not bid on both if you are not prepared to buy both, should you win.
Always bid and buy with up-to-date account information.
(Do not bid if your account information is not up-to-date.)
Only bid on a friends, family, associates or contacts auction with an actual interest in the item and FULL intentions to buy it.
Do NOT bid on friend(s), family, associate(s) or contact(s) auctions just to raise the price. It's well known as “shill” bidding, and there have been successful prosecutions for this kind of activity.
Use different “allowed” payment methods
You must not make payments outside of the network unless it is within the allowed section. Anyone that is offering to make payment or receive payment outside of the network must be reported.
Buy from international sellers in agreement with import fees.
You are not allowed to ask a seller/vendor to send the item you have purchased as a “gift” this is classed as an evasion of taxes and fees and is illegal. If you are asked to take part in anything like this, you should report it immediately.

Part 9: Paying for the item, accepting and “not as described rule”

You may at some point come across a listing that violates Shareziez agreements, Terms & Conditions or policies. If you happen across this, please do not contact the member. Contact us here. Your assistance in this matter is of great importance and help to us. NOTE: Please be aware that falsely reporting a member for a violation when one has not occurred is not taken lightly by Shareziez. You will find yourself receiving a warning for wasting valuable resources within Shareziez for a false report. Please make sure that the member is in breach of the policy, agreements, rules or law before you contact us. If you repeatedly and falsely report a violation where one has not occurred, we may put certain restrictions on your account. We will not be reprimanding any member for a genuine mistake made by the reporting member. If a seller has made an error in their listing and is subsequently reported for it, Shareziez will not come down hard on this: everybody is allowed to make mistakes. However, if a seller gets reported for breaching our Terms of Service Agreement, rules or policies, we will come down hard on this. We will not allow any member to flagrantly abuse our network, its terms, conditions, policies, rules, agreements, member(s) or the law.

Part 9.1.0: Paying for the item, accepting and “not as described rule”

Once payment is received, and the item gets dispatched, you can check over the item before you sign. Consumers have the right to do this, and any reputable courier will understand what you are doing. You should not feel rushed into signing anything, by anyone. If you are not happy with the item, you can refuse delivery. NOTE: Should the buyer choose to accept the item and sign for it, the seller could use this as partial proof that the buyer was happy with the item upon delivery. The seller will be able to use this in their argument if any further actions are taken up against the seller. Remember that each case will get dealt with on a case-by-case basis, there could be an exception made in some cases. When an item is dispatched and received by the buyer, the buyer has the right to contact the seller with the reasons why they are not happy with the item. The seller will then decide what to do, whether send out a replacement item or offer the money back. The seller can then notify Shareziez that the buyer has claimed the item was damaged, missing, broken, not as described, etc. Shareziez will then put a “mark” on the buyers account. The wider public will not see this “mark,” it will be used internally by Shareziez to monitor consumers that repeatedly claim that items are “not to satisfaction.” If Shareziez sees that a buyer is found to be repeatedly claiming that the item was “not to satisfaction,” Shareziez will take action against the purchaser by whatever mean it sees fit. Buying an item and claiming it was not as described or wasn't received when in fact it was, is fraud. Shareziez will be actively working towards stamping out this kind of activity. We at Shareziez understand that mistakes happen and are open to the fact that things can happen to a product from the moment it leaves the seller until the buyer receives it. You as a purchaser will not be penalized for this if an item has been damaged or lost. We will be using this “marking” and “traffic light system” as a means to stamp out fraudulent claims against sellers. The system is in place to monitor buyers & sellers that repeatedly claim against each other within the network and in fact all members that attempt to flout our Terms of Service Agreement, Policies and Rules.

Part 10: Reporting a seller for misuse or a breach of policy

You may at some point come across a listing that violates Shareziez Terms of Service Agreement or Policies. If you happen across this, please do not contact the member. Contact us via the report page or your client area if you are a Business Plan Member. Your assistance in this matter is of great importance and help to us. NOTE: Please be aware that falsely reporting a member for a violation is not taken lightly by Shareziez. You will find yourself receiving a warning for wasting valuable resources within Shareziez for a false report. Please make sure that the member is in breach of the ‘Agreement’ or Policy before you contact us. If you repeatedly and falsely report a violation when no breach has occurred, we may put certain restrictions on your account. We will not be reprimanding any member for a genuine mistake made by the reporting member. If a seller has made an error in their listing and gets reported for it, Shareziez will not come down hard on this - everybody is allowed to make mistakes. However, if a seller repeatedly gets reported for breaching our Terms of Service Agreement or Policies, we WILL come down hard on this. We will not allow any member to flagrantly abuse our network, its terms, conditions, policies, rules, agreements, member(s) or laws.

Part 11: Payment methods for the items you buy

When a buyer wins an auction or buys a product, item or service outright, the seller will expect payment. The following payment methods are NOT recommended within the Shareziez network. If you use these methods, Shareziez will not protect you in any way and in most cases nor will the payment gateway provider.

Sending cash via mail.
Sending cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services such as the Western Union or MoneyGram.
Mailing checks or money orders.
Paying through "bank-to-bank" transfers.
Paying by "topping off" or “topping up” a seller's prepaid credit or debit card.
Paying using online or other payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy.
Providing a payment method to some buyers and not to others.
Discouraging buyers from using any approved payment method you specified in the listing.
Asking buyers to pay using a method not mentioned in the listing.
Virtual or Crypto Currencies.
Payment upon pickup.
Bank transfers.
Money grams/money order.
Online payment centres/gateways/services that are not listed in the ALLOWED section below.

These are the payment methods that Shareziez supports and urges buyers and sellers alike to use.

They are as follows:

PayPal Credit.
Credit card or debit card processed through the seller's Internet merchant account.

Your payment is safe and secure. We have industry leading EV Encryption throughout the network.
NOTE: SHAREZIEZ does NOT protect PAYING UPON PICK UP. If you do not pay within Shareziez or through one of our approved payment gateways, you will not be protected by us and in some cases - the Payment Gateway Provider. These “allowed” payment methods are the only ones authorised for a good reason. We at Shareziez would have it so all traders and buyers together have the safest possible platform to trade on. Shareziez takes online fraud very seriously. Members security it the top most priority and we strive to rid the Shareziez network of anybody attempting to trade fraudulently.

Part 11: Protecting sellers & buyers from each other

Shareziez knows and acknowledges that a minority of members who feel they have had a bad experience with a seller or buyer will want to “warn” or “give a heads up” to other potential buyers or sellers that a buyer or seller is “bad.” Shareziez would not have it so. We alone will be the only entity allowed to label a seller or buyer. Members that feel they have been “wronged” will have a place to give their views and reviews of the seller or buyer. Any attempt by a buyer or seller to contact other potential buyers or sellers and slander the buyer or seller in question for any reason will result in swift consequence. The same works in reverse for sellers speaking badly of buyers. Shareziez operates on a case-by-case basis and prides itself on its, fairness & 50/50 policy integrated into every policy, agreement, term & condition network wide.

Part 12: Buyer review of a Seller

A buyer must give a fair and honest review of the seller. Buyers are not allowed to give a negative review of a Seller where one is not due. Any attempt from a buyer to “extort” a seller into giving positive feedback in return for the same or any extra service of any kind may find themselves restricted to just the social network platform of the network and banned from trading on Shareziez. Extortion is a crime and any member(s) found to be attempting such will be reported to law enforcement. Shareziez will assist any and all law enforcement agencies with any attempted extortion within our network. If you want to report a seller or buyer for attempting to extort you,

Click Here!

Part 13: Once a seller has listed the item

By default, Shareziez has made it impossible for sellers to edit their listing once it is published (unless they have an advanced business Deluxe Enterprise Package). Shareziez has made it impossible for sellers to edit their listing once published as to eliminate the potential for buyers to claim the listing got changed after the item had been purchased or for the seller to change its terms or details once the purchase has been completed. Members that have an advanced business (Deluxe Enterprise Package) may edit their listing, but this package comes with a trust seal that the member will not modify a listing with intent to defraud a buyer/ member. If that confidence gets broken, the package owner will be stripped from the network, never to return. If a seller has listed the item and published it and then realised there is a mistake, the seller must take the listing down. Please note; refunds on the publishing fees are not available due to the low cost. Alternatively, the seller can add a comment to the listing stating the mistake and rectify it accordingly and without delay - This is the recommended way to alter a listing, as it’s FREE.

Part 14: Making sure the product listed is available

Sellers are responsible for making sure what they have listed and advertised is, in fact, available. They must keep track of their stock and ensure that a buyer isn't disappointed. If a buyer should make a purchase of an item, the seller is at that point contract bound to deliver the goods that were advertised by any means necessary. Failure to deliver the goods will mean a fine imposed on the seller to the sum of £20. This fine will be given to charity by the seller, in the name of the seller that did not deliver the goods that got purchased in good faith. The monies outstanding paid by the buyer must be given back without delay. The seller will then need to send proof of their charitable donation to Shareziez in order to continue trading on the network.

Part 15: Postage and packaging

Sellers must be clear on what they charge for postage and packaging. Shareziez does not charge any fee to the seller for postage or packaging. Sellers should only charge the amount they incur for this service of postage & packaging. The postage and packaging fee must be included in the total price of the item and not separately charged. Sellers are not allowed to charge buyers for tariffs, duties or customs and excise fees; buyers are responsible for paying these fees as stated by law.


Part 16: Dispatching & Delivering

Item should be dispatched by the stated time frame within the listing.
Buyers can expect a date of delivery.
Buyers can expect full contact details of the seller

NOTE: What a seller states in a listing is what you can expect them to follow through with. Listings are contracts between the seller and buyer and work the same way for the buyer when the sale is complete. You as a buyer should never see within a listing “I will post the item as soon as I am able or can” This is not allowed. Buyer(s) can expect a potential date of which they can expect to receive the item. Sellers should be courteous, respectful and professional.

Part 18: When a buyer wishes to return an item or cancel an order

When a buyer wants to return an item, they must have a valid reason to do so. A buyer cannot just send the item back because they do not want it anymore. Please be aware, many countries have consumer/buyer rights and equally protection for sellers. Be sure that you are aware of these regulations and legal rights. When you request the return of an item or the cancellation of an order, you must be aware of the consumer rights you have before doing so. Shareziez will only start an intervention in a dispute when relations break down between buyer and seller and are at a deadlock.